Thursday, October 13, 2016

Emoji birthday party

Hey all!

So its been busy around here. I was getting a lot of orders for NFL hair ties (visit Etsy shop link below), and once that died down, we had a 13th birthday party to plan!!  OMG, I have a 13 yr old. WOW!

And she actually picked a easy theme this year (unlike the Paris party last year - see below for link)...
Luckily for me, our LR and DR walls are already painted yellow. Ha Ha

First, we had to get the party supplies with all the Emoji's all over it. The banner and tablecloth were found at Five Below for $5 or Below.  Paper products were from Dollar General for about $1.50- $ 1.75 a package. A little steeper than I would normally pay, but....we did fill in with regular yellow paper products from....of course, Dollar Tree.

Next, we got some small pumpkins from the grocery store, and painted them to look like Emoji's. We just placed these around the tables for added decor. And the kids have a blast doing them.

My sister did pick up a few plain decorations at party City, but we jazzed them up a little.
First, she got these paper lanterns in yellow, and we cut shapes from construction paper, and hot glues them on. These were hung from our archway we have in the LR/DR area. Not pictured, but I did get 2 bunches of balloons from Dollar tree and put them on either side of the archway to complete that area.

My sister also grabbed this plain yellow flag banner, and we just drew some Emoji faces on them. Our DR walls are already that color yellow (I wasn't me & its getting changed soon), and that was our easy photo booth back drop.

Of course the kiddies needed some favors to remember how awesome our party was - he he.  A couple months ago, when we decided on the party theme, we came across these cups. I had a job back then and it was no biggie. So we bought the cups at Walmart. Good things too, because a few weeks later I lost my job....anyway.....  
We hit party City again to collect as much Yellow candy as we could. That place is so annoying making you count out all the candy. So we ended up just getting 2 per cup of about 4 different kinds of yellow candy. When I started to assemble, it wasn't enough. So we then hit Dollar Tree for more candy, because well...its Halloween season!!!

 Last, but not least is the food scape. Not pictured here are the kid snacks we had in the other room of chips and rice crispy treats that were tinted yellow.

 For dessert, a cousin of mine made some Emoji brownie cake pops, just for Madison. They were soooo good....I should have had her make MORE.

And lastly, Madison needed to have a cake to put candle in...of I made a quick little Emoji face cake for her.

All in all, I feel the party went great. I decided to just do snack foods only this time, then panicked I didn't have enough, but it was fine. No one starved, the kids had a great time, and everyone remembered to take their party favors this time!!! WIN!!!

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