Thursday, March 10, 2016

Unsold Wreaths

Hey all!

As I was going through some of my stock I realized that I still have a lot. I have fall wreaths and winter wreaths still available. Even a few summer ones from last year that would be great for THIS time of year.
Therefore, this post if going to be a showcase of sorts, to show you all, what is still available. If anyone is interested in any of the items you see, please feel free to message me, or visit our FB shop and message me there. 
Prices are not firm, so feel free to make an offer.
Pass the word to your friends and family as well.
Thank you!

Summer/Fall wreaths:

 Black chevron ribbon, accented with red and purple flowers.

 Orange handmade felt rosettes. The Halloween ribbon is not attached and can be changed. Although, that is the ribbon on the reverse side of wreath, but who will see that other side. This could be great all throughout the fall months.

Fall leaf patterned ribbon with gold accents throughout it. Embellishments of fall leaves, marigolds, and berries.

 Christmas/Valentine's Wreaths:

 Silky white ribbon, accented with poinsettias and a glittery red deer.
 Greens wreath base, with red white and green deco mesh ribbon and glittery red Christmas balls.
Goldish brown decor mesh embellished with gold, red and white ribbon, gold Christmas balls, and a glittery red deer.

 Over 200 handmade felt rosettes.

 If you are not in the market for a discounted, out of season wreath and are really interested in something for the NOW season, stop on by our shop and see what's new for Spring/Summer.

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