Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Going back to WORK!!

Hey all!!!

So if you read my last post, you saw how I was worried because it seemed like everything was NOT happening, all at one time. Well I FINALLY got a break!!!

I got a call yesterday that I was accepted for a job!! YAY!!!  I can start to breath a little bit!!!

However, along with this, it has caused some apprehension. But, I am not letting that make me take a different course at all. Its just a new change that I haven't been used to in a long time.
I will be going back into an office environment for 40hr work weeks...away from home.

When my kids were younger, my parents watched them, and they weren't in school yet either.  As my oldest got older and started school, things did change for a year or two, and it was...a bit of a stress for a while.  My mother could no longer really handle all 3 kids anymore, so we started splitting the time between her and my dad, and my sister, and my husband, and after school care for my oldest, and day care for the twins. It was a messy schedule, but it was the same every week. So we adapted well.

Towards the end of this messy time with scheduling, in 2008, I took a job where I had the availability to work from home as needed. So that helped a lot. In the summer time, I would work from home part time, on the days when I didn't have anyone available, and go into the office when care was available. Again, that helped a lot.

In 2010, some changes at that job happened, and instead of jumping ship, I hung in there, and just kept plugging away at my job, which eventually became a full time at home gig. The company was impressed with how I handled the transition and said that I could keep working from home, full time. GREAT!!! And this DID last almost 6 yrs. I feel very lucky for that. Although, I knew it would come to an end eventually. And so it did, in November 2015.

But through this, I now no longer needed to worry about other peoples schedules. I took my lunch break at the time the kids got done school, and we would come home and I would go back to work until my day was over.  If I needed to go pick up a sick kid at school, I could do so and only be away from the computer for 15 minutes. I didn't have to rely on my husband or sister or anyone to watch them.
I could start dinner or pull something out in the middle of the day if need be. I could throw a load of laundry in real fast. 

Now, I will need to be relying on my husband more. Normally, this would not bother me at all, however, (if you follow me you already know this), he has MS. Therefore, some mornings are hard for him and some mornings he wakes up early and is fine. some days he feels great and some days he can barely walk.  Once I start working, I will need him to be dropping the kids off at school every day & picking them up. And its not just one drop off and 1 pick up, its 2 different schools, at 2 different times.

Also, he works part time in retail, and his schedule changes all the time. Luckily his job is fully understanding, and will work around the girls school schedule and my schedule. But again...if he is not having a good day, he now will have to do drop offs, picks ups, AND work.  I don't like having to depend on him like this, but we have no choice.

I also realized today that in the summer, my kids will be home all day. So the days where hubby has to work during the day, we will need to find someone to watch them, which means paying a sitter again. Hopefully this will only happen 1 or 2 times a week, and/or may only be for a couple of hours at a time.

Its going to be a new transition for us, but we'll figure it out, we always do. I just have a bad habit of thinking about scenarios going forward, and worrying about how to handle it when and if it happens. Its annoying...but I am always prepared. HA HA

New ventures are always to better yourself, right?!?! (insert positive thinking)

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See you soon!!!!

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