Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Low cost Valentines gifts for women FROM men

Hey all!

As we all know, since the retail man is shoving it down our throats, Valentine's Day is coming!!!  And if you are anything like me, you have a husband who do I word this?? Clueless?  A procrastinator?  Over thinks about my reaction and doesn't put enough of his own thought into it? You know what I mean!!  My husband likes to wait until the last minute, for Valentine's day, and by that time, we are either out of funds or the stores are out of the good stuff.

Guys, we are not that difficult to please, really. Here are a few cute, low cost things you can do for your woman for that special day.

1 - Get a few cute boxes and fill them with her favorite candy or snacks. Or even better, fill one with a cute little stuffed animal. Guys might be thinking that is corny giving a girl food. But your girl will be thinking how sweet it is that you took the time to pick out the boxes and candy FOR HER.

2 - Make her a dessert that has a romantic theme, like chocolate covered strawberries. They are easier then some migh think. Just melt chocolate chips in microwave, dip strawberries, and place in fridge until ready to eat. To jazz them up even more, get some cute Vday sprinkles to put on them as well.

3 - Craft her a gift.  You can make her a card (bring out the inner child in you). Or you can get a little more adult and jazz up a picture frame in the valentines theme, and place a picture in it of the two of you.

They key to any of these gifts though, to plan ahead. its not even February yet and I am seeing stores run out of things. Plus, if it looks like it may have taken you a few days to get things together, she will appreciate it more. As for items you might need to cook, do it while she is at work, or send her on a shopping spree to get her out of the house for a few hours.

Again, we are not that hard to please. It just takes a little effort.
Hope this helps!!!!