Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Hey all!

This is going to be more of a pictorial post. No big stories from our weekend, just cute pictures.

The twins had their annual (and last) Halloween parade at school. I went a little early to try to not park blocks away.....that didn't happen. More then half the town is up at that school I swear.

But above the photos of traffic and crowds....look at that perfect sky. I swear, NO filter.
Ava was a bumble bee and pulled it of sooooo cute!
Isabel really wanted to be Mal from the Descendants movie. But by the time I had money to go shopping, there were none. So she picked a witch dress and said she was Mal's evil sister....??? OK!

Later that night, we headed out for our first Trunk or Treat. They were sooo excited. And Daddy was able to go with us too. (very proud of him, he made it the whole time)

In case you are not familiar (I just heard about these last year), a trunk or treat is an even put on by some type of organization. People open the trunks to their cars, decorate the car and dress up themselves, and hand out candy.  Here are a few of the best trunks that were there. But this one, was the first one for this town we went to, and they had about 100 cars and over 400 trick or treaters show. Can't wait for next year.

Moving on to actual Halloween....
First, I decided to go and get some craft supplies and other things we needed from the Dollar store, but along the way, again, a gorgeous and cool looking Fall day.

Later on, it was just me and the girls trick or treating. We ran into a guy who was on stilts, all dressed up, and walking all over town entertaining people.
Also, my Aunt and Uncle, decorate their front porch every year and my uncle dresses up as well. So we stopped there as well for our annual Halloween pic with Uncle Al.

Hope you all had a great Halloween as well!!!!