Monday, February 2, 2015

Save money on school lunches

Hey all!

I've got another frugal tip for you all here. 

I have 3 very picky eaters, so I have to make lunches each day for school for them all. As we know, snacks can be a little pricey at the grocery store. 
My kids like the snack baggies of chips and such. Well those run about $7.00 for a sack of 12 bags. And in our house, those 12 bags of chips can go pretty fast. So sometimes, I like to hit the Dollar Tree to see what we can find for lunch snacks. (Yes, I am at that store a lot). 
We bought a fairly big bad of cheese balls, and a bag of pretzel sticks. I decided to break them up, and put them in baggies, so they were #1 portion controlled and #2 more viewable for the kids when they chose their snacks each night.  (we have a snack drawer they choose their lunch stuff out of)

Once all was said and done, we got about 15 to 20 baggies of snacks. We only paid $2. Which compared to the store costs, saved us about $5 and we got about 5-10 more bags of snacks.

Dollar stores have come a long way. Give them a chance, if you need to save some money!