Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chore Charts

Hey all!

Its that time again...where I get frustrated because all of a sudden, my children don't want to do ANYTHING to help clean up THEIR mess. So its time for Chore Charts again.

I have done chore charts in the past... many times. I used to make them up myself, so they were age appropriate. And each time I do it, after a few weeks, the girls get lazy and don't care so much anymore about the ending prize, and I get annoyed at that,  so I stop them.

Then times like this pop up again, and I get mad, and chore charts are back!

This time I'm using pre-made ones. My mom got these from Dollar Tree for us, so I will be using these forms as my template and guidelines.

In the past, I have tried putting chores in a grab bag, and having them pull out one, and do that chore. They fought over who drew what chore.

I have also tried having specific tasks listed for specific children on specific days, so there was no fighting, but...their father is home more now and would end up doing the chore they were supposed to for that day.

Lastly, I tried just telling them what I need from them, at the moment, and if they just did it, with NO fights or whining, they would get $1.00.  They would also get $1 for any chore they did on their own.

All of those methods, would only last a little while.

So now, what I am doing is listing all of the chores I need from them. I believe they are all on pretty much the same level now of who can do what, with being 8 and 11 yr olds.

What we will do is set a money amount for each week. If they have at least 1 check mark per day, they will get that weeks allowance. And if they have 2 or more checks per day, they will get an extra smaller money amount per extra check mark.  So they are in control of how much extra money they get. Our limits are not set yet, but below is a guide to understand what I mean.

EX:  Isabel does at least 1 chore, per day all week. But she decided on Saturday, to do an extra chore. She will get her weekly allowance of $3.00 plus and extra $.25.  She will get $3.25 for that week.

I hope this helps you all figure out how to get your kids involved in cleaning up their own mess.  Don't forget, you are not their maid!!!!!