Friday, February 20, 2015

Bathroom Organized

Hey all!

Do you ever notice how when you grab bottles of cleaners, or shampoos from your bathroom closet or sink, you knock a bunch of other stuff over. Then you have to pick everything back up and re-place it neatly. Tired of that? Get yourself some bins!!!

Yes, I am preaching bins again! Its because the Dollar Tree has tons of bins in different sizes and colors right now - like literally an entire section dedicated to the new ones, as well as the older models in the back of the store.
Your closets don't need to be out of control messy to want to organize them a little. Mine weren't too too bad, but i was always knocking over bottles of cleaners. And I stock pile shampoo and body wash, and those as well, were always being knocked over.  Below are some before and after pics.

 To the left is a mish mosh of hair tools, razors & accessories, and can of whatever. To the right is it all organized. All of the hair stuff and razor stuff is separate and in their own bin. All of the miscellaneous stuff was either thrown out, or placed in another bin at the bottom back of the closet.

Here is a shot of the closet when you first open the door. As you can see I already have make up and all my body sprays organized. We have a ledge in there, that obviously used to have a shelf on it, so hubby made me a shelf to house all my bottles. All my makeup, I use all the time, is in those little drawers to the left. The set of drawers to the right house kids hair things and sample size packets I get in the mail or from subscription boxes.

I only really needed a couple bins for the upper shelf to house all of my stockpile of shampoo, conditioner, body washes. And the other one has shaving cream and deodorants. And there is still room for me to get another smaller bin for my toothpaste stockpile (which I am working on).

And this pic, I know is a little blurry, but, I still wanted to show. This is where we keep bottles of hand soap and stuff like that. Right now the kid floss picks are there for the kids to be able to reach, and miscellaneous stuff is in that little can/bin. 

Also, this closet goes over to the left behind the wall a little. I did have a bunch of Bath & Body Works bags and Ipsy bags back there, and now they are all housed neatly in this basket tote.

Also, under my sink was an issue. That is where I keep cleaners and everything was always falling over and driving me nuts. So, I tidy'd that up as well.I put all the cleaner bottles in a bin and the boxes of body soap are now kept in that round can/bin.

 I know it may not look like a big deal, but knowing that everything is grouped together and not falling all over the place, keeps me at peace.
Hope this helps inspire you!