Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine's decor

Hey all!
Just wanted to pop in and show you my Valentine's Day decor. Everything was purchased at the Dollar Tree, last year. However, I have been there to check out what they have this year, and the flowers and heart pics are all there again this year.

I did see quite a few items for this year that I loved, but we don't go too overboard with valentines day in our house, and funds just weren't allowing me to unnecessarily buy everything I wanted. But I hope this help inspire you to get your own kind of creative going on!

First here we have some magnets that I found this year. I put the bears on the fridge to represent our little family, and added the accessory magnets on the stove door.

Next, there was this cute cut-out that I just had to have. But I wasn't sure where to put it. So I just pasted it up on a kitchen cabinet.

Lastly, my little heart vases on top of the TV.  The vases were at Dollar Tree last year, I did not see them this year, but I did see these cute tall shot glass type glasses, with hearts on them, that I thought this same idea would look cute in. The flower bunches and heart pics are there again this year as well.
You might notice the center vase is clear glass beads and some heart shaped ones mixed in as well. I think those were purchased at AC Moore last year, so I'm sure they have something like that again this year too.

As I said, we don't go too crazy overboard, but its just the little touches.

Each year I also make goody bags for the girls, for them to get on V-Day. I will post about my haul for that and how I make them.

Thanks, and please share your ideas with me as well! Happy Heart Day!