Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My new Year Resolutions for 2015

Hey all! Its that time of year again.  The time where we all try to think of things we want to accomplish over the next year.  I am normally not a big advocate for New Year's resolution because we all break them anyway. We make promises to ourselves that we end up not keeping. But I thought I would try to change that this year.

Last year, I didn't really make any resolutions at all. I knew that 2014 was going to be changes and challenges to our lives that we might not have control of. And I was soooo right about that. But I decided that we can't wallow in our own pitty this year. We are better then that. And we need to move ahead.

So I did make a resolution list this year. It's not a long one, because well....I just won't remember it all and I am not going to refer to some list somewhere all the time.

1 - The age old LOSE WEIGHT resolution. We all do this every year. But last year, I got myself back to the gym only 2 times...all year long.  And I've still been paying the monthly fee. UGH. But I keep paying that fee, so the option is there for me anytime and I have NO excuse. I really need to utilize it. I am not looking to lose tons, but my goal is about 30 lbs. for the year. That will be bring me below that dreaded number I still can't believe I ever went over. Very disappointed in myself about that.

2 - Start a VLOG. Yes, I want to start a vlog that rides along with this blog. I am an avid YouTube follower, and it looks like it can be fun. Like a new hobby to keep me occupied. I never did in the past because the house was always a mess behind me, or I was afraid my hubby would make fun of me. But I would like to do it. Whenever I talk about couponing, I get people interested and asking me questions, so I thought I could better SHOW them. I also have a few other ideas I would like to do and I see these fun tags all the why not?

3 - Start seriously Couponing again. I got away from this for a while because I realized, I was probably spending more money, to have a stockpile I really didn't need. husband has been forced to cut back his hours at work, due to his health.  And its very possible that he might end up having to stop working all together soon.  So the more I can stock up now, while we can, the more we will have to fall back on when that time comes.  And...getting a really good deal is a high for me.

4 - Find that new thing in our life, to help us make some extra money. (like a craft or hobby)  Again, hubby has to cut back at work.  And I added him to my insurance, which is hitting my income more then I would like as well. So its going to be back to tight budgets and having to say NO a lot again.(not that we ever were able to really splurge, but you know..) I really would like to be able to allow the girls to keep going to dance next year.

5 - Lastly, I just want to really get into a daily cleaning routine. I try to do this all the time, and it will last about 3 days, then I get annoyed because I am just cleaning everyone else's crap, and I go on strike and give up. Right now, we pretty much do dishes and pick up every day, then just clean other stuff/rooms as they need it. I think if I could just get in a routine, where twice a day, I run through the entire house and do this & that quickly, it might not always look so messy all the time. I did start, last year, with organizing. I like everything to be neat and have its place, but my family just won't follow that, so I started getting bins and baskets.  That way, they can throw it in the bin it goes in, and you can't see how messy it is, but it has a place (and it looks more like a decoration then a mess hider). So I will be continuing with that process as well.

That's it. And that is even more then I usually give myself, but I really want this year to be a better one. A time to get on track with our new lifestyle, and get used to it, so its not a major change in our lives.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!