Monday, November 10, 2014

Maleficent - movie review

We were finally able to rent the movie Maleficent last week. My kids were actually excited to see it. They are 11, 7, 7 years old. None of them had ever even seen the original Sleeping Beauty. (which ironically was on ABC family this weekend, so they DID finally see it).

I really thought this movie was going to be dark and not really kid appropriate, but after hearing others reviews of it, I got intrigued.

The beginning is all the back story of how she became evil and who she  as a child herself. it also shows how she came to be associated with Aurora. Without a spoiler alert, there was one line that I found quite funny to hear Angelina Jolie say "I hate children". HA HA

The movie did have some times where smaller ones might get a little scared, but there were also funny parts as well.

I feel as thought the movie could have been a bit longer, but again, it is mainly meant for children, so I guess the hour and a half was a decent amount of time.

There was a twist in the movie, none like the original, but it brought everything all together.

I typically don't buy movies, but this one, I am considering. My girls liked it and I wouldn't mind watching it more than once either. 

Oh, and bonus point...there are not any overly annoying songs that the kids will want to sing over and over and over and over and know what I am talking about!!!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Adult content that even my 7 yrs old could follow.

Disclaimer: I am in no way being paid for this review. I just finally saw the movie this weekend and wanted to talk about it.