Friday, October 3, 2014

What did I do all day??? Why is the house still a mess???

Do you often look around your house at night and think to yourself  "WHY am I so tired?  The house is still a mess, and there are still things that need to be done. WHAT did I do today????"

As moms we sometimes put pressure on ourselves to be that Super Mom who gets it all done. In an ideal world, we would all go to bed with a perfectly clean & organized house, and no chores to have to do the next day. But life doesn't work like that, unless you have the money for a maid. Even stay at home moms don't always get everything done.

Here is an insight into what my day looked like today. Just so you can see, you are normal, and its OK that everything is not done each day. Its called life!!!

*715am to 9am -- get the girls up and moving. This includes helping 1 out of 3 pick out her clothes. Checking the weather because with it being fall, its still unpredictable.
Keep pushing them to keep getting ready.
Make the coffee.
Check the folders and sign what needs to be sent back.
Take the first one to school, just to rush back and finish pushing the twins to get ready.
Dropping the twins off at school.
Running to the produce place to get veggies for the pot roast, because its a busy night and the oven isn't working either.
Come back with enough time to spare to type up a quick blog post and check some personal emails.

9am to 2:250pm -- Its time for that thing called work. Luckily I can work from home, so I need to log in. Answer emails, and do orders,etc etc. All while, throwing a load of laundry in, doing a small amount of dishes here and there because we don't have a dishwasher, and with a family of 5, its constant battle.make myself something to eat for breakfast then again for lunchtime. Drink more coffee.

2:50pm - 3:15pm - Take my only 30 min lunch break to go pick the twins up from school,  just to rush back so I can log back in and do more work.

3:15pm - 5:30pm -- constantly break up arguments, reminding them to do their HW, pouring the drinks, answering questions, try to listen to the stories about their day they are telling me as I politely give "Uhuh, really?, oh wow", as I am really paying attention to the customers email in front of me where they ask me a question I clearly answered in my last reply. Now time to make threats or promises of they are quiet as a mouse, while I sit on a phone call listening to other people talk, while I await my 5 minutes of fame on the call. Ok, call over, now time to catch up on the work I didn't get a chance to do while on the call, again, while reminding the girls that we have places to go and people to see tonight so they need to get the HW done and clean their faces, etc etc.


5:30pm - DONE WORKING - log out. But now is where speedy crunch time mom kicks in, especially on Thursday & Friday nights because we have Dance and Acro classes!!  Rush the twins to put on shoes, because we have to go pick up the first child from after-school. Come home to rush around to make dinner plates for those who WILL eat what I made, all while listening to Child #1 tell me stories about her day. "Uhuh, really? oh wow" .  And for those who won't eat what I made, I need to assist them in figuring out what they want because ya know..."there is nothing to eaaaatttt"  (even though I went out at 8:30last night to pick up almost $200 worth of groceries for them to eat). Make sure the child who has class is dressed, and ready.
Ahh, I can sit and eat now -- QUICKLY!!

6:30 - last minute bathroom calls, and push to get shoes back on. (why can't kids just leave their shoes on ALL day like I do????)
6:45 - out the door to head to dance classes. Drop off child with classes, run over to home Depot to pick up spray paint for Halloween craft/ decor. meet sister and one other child at Arby's to exchange items and give each other the 'here is what's going on, here is what is coming up, yada yada.", because neither of us has time to talk on the phone anymore.

8:15 - dance class over, let's go HOME!!!!

Once you get home, its still not done. Now its time to make lunches, try to do more dishes and clean up from dinner earlier, and don't forget to bring up some clean laundry because we all know that the kids would rather go to school in PJs then have to go in the basement to get their clothes the next morning. (and you aren't going to feel like it either at 7:15am)   Try to convince at least 1 out of 3 kids to get in the bath and get done quickly, so there is still hot water for you to take a shower later.

*10PM - BEDTIME!!!  ( I know, my kids have a late bedtime. But trying to get them down any earlier makes them stay up later and they are all A students so....whatever) This is a 15 minute process in itself to get them upstairs and to stop talking to each other, but then......10:20 Daddy comes home from work. DADDYYYYYY KISSESSSSS!!!!!

 *Go back downstairs to give hubby a run down of anything he needs to know, questions I have and what's for dinner.

*Jump in a quick shower (which ends up being 20 minutes), then I can finally go to bed. But of course, NOW I am not tired. Check my phone to help me tire and finally get to fall asleep about 12:15 or so. Only 7 more hours before I start all over again tomorrow!!!

And why it looks like we mothers have done NOTHING all day.