Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What a sucky summer...

Tomorrow is the first day of school for our house. We will then have (2) 2nd graders and a 5th grader.
I am excited for an odd reason. I get to have my schedule back! I know that sounds crazy but I kind of have an at home/work schedule that I follow better, as well, when the kids are in school.

And the kids are more in schedule mode, so they don't whine and much. See, I am a mom who works from home full time. So when my kids are not in school, they are sitting in the house, with me, while I half ignore them because I am concentrating on an order, or on a phone call.

Mostly in the summer, I try to take a day off here and there, so we can do big things or go places. But this year kinda sucked for us, and ti tugged at my heart A LOT.  In May, my husband was diagnosed with MS. And by the time we knew, he had already progressed too much.  His days of walking normally are no more. And being in the heat with MS, causes flare ups. And...he works still. So even on his days off, he was worn out and could barely walk. So, we didn't do too much at all. And our kids were OK with it (I think). But at the same time they had to watch their friends take trips to the shore, and go to the zoo, and so on and so on....and we couldn't.  We did swim at friends houses, and hit the parks, but that was about it.

Through this all, we have been planning on buying a car. But we couldn't just jump on it. Well after the long sucky summer, I decided to find a way that we could make it work, and just do it. We needed SOMETHING to brighten our outlook. So we got a new car about 3 weeks ago. Because of that, we felt like even a trip to Walmart was fun. Ha Ha

Now that we had the new car, I didn't mind driving alone. So I planned on taking the day off to take the kids to the lake. We had it all set up with our cousins. Well that morning, I went online to get the directions and see that the lake was closed that day. WHAT????????? cousin was not going to let me just sit home. I took the day off to spend with my kids and I haven't done that all summer. So we all loaded into her mini-van and went to Cape May. There is a spot she knows that is free, and not crowded at all, no waves...basically relaxing. So off we went. It was a nice day. The kids played without me in fear of losing one in the crowd (that's happened before), and I literally just zoned out. At one point, I was so relaxed (or dehydrated) that I said I felt stoned or something. It was much needed, I admit.

This past week, we did all the prep for dance school for the year. We ordered and got our shoes and unitards. Madison is changing from hip hop to tap this year. She catches on fast, so I don't think she will have any problems, but I am not 100% sure tap is for her. I lover her but her tap looks more like an Irish jig. Ha Ha  Isabel is returning to Acro this year, and Ava decided to join her finally!!  So along with regular school, we now have dance school 2 nights a week as well.

And of start tomorrow. So you know what that means...I HAVE A SICK KID!!!  Me and the girls have been fighting this allergy type cold with no fever for 3 weeks. And now Isabel is running a fever and coughing. Fun! But.that is the way our life goes. The summer wouldn't end normally if something like this didn't happen. is to a great school year!!