Thursday, September 4, 2014


 Guess what?? I am home ALONE right now. No kids, no hubby. Its nice and quiet. 

This morning was so easy. I really hope it lasts.  However, you ever notice how when you HAVE to get up, the bed feels soooo comfy. Come on!!! So I dragged my butt up at 6:45 and Madison meets me at the door, fully dressed. "I'm going downstairs now to make something to eat." OK......

I wake up the twins with no issues...except  the 3 of us were fighting for the bathroom. I really need to get my make up and hair stuff back in the bedroom.  But all in all, we got it done.

We actually had time to waste so I had plenty of time for the yearly front step pictures. 

 Off we went to take Madison to her school. They all line up in the courtyard under a sign with the teachers names. This method makes so much sense for the first day of school. She was excited. And what I noticed is that as she walked up, it was all boys who were asking her who she had and blah blah blah.

Next, it was off to take the twins to their school. We were a little early, so they had more time to be nervous, but they were OK.

After all was said and done, and everyone was in their respective schools, I headed to Dunkin Donuts for my first pumpkin coffee of the season. Woo Hoo!!!