Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marsala Chicken ala crockpot

Hey all!

I admit it, I can't cook meats very well. They are usually dry and over cooked, or so undercooked and juicy (which most people like, but I don't) that I won't eat it. However, I can't mess up meats, when I use the crockpot.
There are also so many sauces out there now, that help me make my food taste pretty darn good.
One of my all time fave dishes to order, when I am out at a real restaurant, is Chicken Marsala. I know there are kits out there with all the ingredients, but it means saute and cooked until brown -- things I cannot do well. But, they now have tons of skillet sauces out there. And I like to use them in the crockpot. Why not? (They also have crock pot sauces out there, but sometimes the flavors in the skillet sauces are better)

Below are all the ingredient for my chicken Marsala dinner. Just put the sauce, chicken, and drained mushrooms all into the crockpot. Let it cook all day and DONE!
I typically don't do fake mashed potatoes, but its a dance night tonight and I can't risk taking forever to peel the real things. And I find that once there is a sauce to put on the fake potatoes, it makes them much better tasting.
So next time you want a semi-fancy meal, but don't have the time, check out the sauce packets that are out there now. Quick, easy and yummy!