Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5 Things I do Everyday to keep tidy spaces

Hey all!

As moms, we are always busy! As a working mom, with a husband who works most hours that I am not working, I seem to run out of time a lot. And I know that I am not alone in this.

So I have compiled a list of 5 things I do, each day, to try to keep the house as tidy as possible. When it comes to fully cleaning the house every day... "ain't nobody got time for that".
However, if you simply find 5 things that are simple and quick to do, and try to do them each day, then you should notice that the house will not get out of control messy and turn into a huge clean up job.

1 - Keep shoes in a centralized hidden place and pick them up.
We tend to keep all of our shoes downstairs, by the front door, so at least when they are lost, we KNOW they are in the LR somewhere. We have a decorative bin we keep all the seasonal shoes in, and it hides under a table, almost like a drawer.

2 - Do at least ONE load of dishes in the morning.
I should do 2 a day, but if I don't do any, then its BAD, so I always at least do ONE load. I have about a half hour after I drop the kids off at school, before I need to log in for work.

3 -  Put all clothes that are laying around in the bathroom, in a laundry basket, located in a centralized location.
In my opinion, the ideal thing would be to have this basket hidden in a closet. But our closets are old an small, so I opted for a zip top basket that matches the bathroom.

4 - Clear the kitchen table and/or counter of dishes every night.
Growing up my mom always made me do the dishes right after dinner, so I admit, as an adult with her own house now, I purposely DO NOT rush to get dishes done right after dinner.   But i do at least try to get them all scarped of food and in the sink to soak, so they are ready for me in the morning.

5 -  Put all things on bathroom counter away.
I know you might be thinking "Why not just do this at the same time you clean up the clothes?". Well, you can do that. But i find that if you break up the tasks of any cleaning job, it makes the next one easier. So if the clothes are already picked from earlier in the day, then while I am brushing my teeth before bed, I can just quickly put the stuff on the counter back into the drawer and cabinet, and I didn't' take any extra effort or time to get it done.

Just an extra tip on these tips. These "little jobs" are all small enough, that kids can do them too. Just sayin'....  ;)