Friday, July 18, 2014

Not just another day at the park

I realized the summer was almost half over and I hadn't really spent any time with my kids, doing anything fun. So I took a half day of work, and planned a day at the park. Yes, we go to parks and playgrounds all the time, but its usually just for the playground for a little bit, then we leave. But I decided we need to "plan" somethings to do and make a Thing out of it.  Of course, I have 3 kids and they can't occupy themselves, so we needed more kids. We invited our cousins and we had a mom day field trip. 6 kids, 2 moms, lets do this!

First thing was to pick a place. We needed a park that was not far away, had plenty of shade in case it was a hot day, had actual bathrooms, and plenty of space. So we hit Red Bank Battlefield park in National Park, NJ. (link posted below)  My kids have been here before plenty,  but haven't' been in a while.

 First when we got there, the kids played on the playground for a little bit.

 Next we ate our packed lunch I made, complete with PB&J sandwiches, juice boxes, grapes and snacks.
Once we all cleaned up and threw our trash out, we decided to wander around the park and along the river. However, kids can get bored just walking, so I made up scavenger hunt bags for them all. I staples a list of items they need to look for and collect, as we are walking. 

We were lucky enough that it was low tide, and the gates to the river were open, so were were able to go on shore and do some exploring.
We were also lucky enough, to find that we were there during the operating hours, of this free butterfly house they have set up. The kids got to go inside, and be one with the butterflies and check out all the stages of butterfly life upclose and personal. As they left, they were given information and coloring sheets.

All in all it was a good little trip. Kept the kids busy for about 2+ hours. Also, us mommies got in our exercise as well. Best of all, it was FREE!

Red Bank Battlefield park - National Park, NJ