Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lemon Blueberry cupcakes

I have had my eye on all of the lemon blueberry recipes this summer, and I finally tried one. 

Only 3 ingredients needed. Lemon cake mix, vanilla frosting, fresh blueberries.

First I made the icing. I did this so there was time for it to get re-cooled and hardened a little in the fridge while the cupcakes were being done. 
Take about a handful of blueberries and boil them with a about 2-3 tbsp of sugar and just enough water to cover the bottle of the pot. (this is the smallest pot size I have, one of those tiny ones for gravy) Ideally, I wanted to use a blender for this part, but parts of mine were missing, so that's an option too.  Once they are cooked to a really soft consistency, I just blended them with the hand mixer to try to get out as many chunks as possible.

Once that was done, I used the  hand mixer to incorporate the blueberries with the icing. I added a little of the blueberry compote at a time, so that I didn't accidentally make the icing too watery. Once that was done, I stuck the bowl of icing in the fridge, to allow it to thicken and harden a little, because at this point with the hot blueberries and the heat of the kitchen, it was pretty "melty".

Now I just proceeded to make the cupcake batter per the instructions on the box. Along with this step, you want to take maybe 1-2 tbsp of the cake mix and toss the remaining blueberries with it. This is supposed to help them from sinking to the bottom of the cupcakes. However, I think mine still sunk a little. However, this is not all of a bad thing. Just try to only 1-3 blueberries in each cupcake liner, and it won't be that bad or messy.

Once your cupcakes are done, add the icing to the top, in whatever fashion you choose. I used a piping bag with an icing tip.


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