Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's CHORE time!!!

I admit, I am bad with keeping on top of my kids with a chore schedule. Typically what happens is that we will be on path for a week, then they start to whine and I start to forget to be consistent (I HATE that word in parenting), and I end up doing it myself along with just barking orders at who to clean up what.

However, in summertime, the kids are home more, while I am working. And the last thing I want to do when I am done working is clean up. NO, I want to get these whiny kids outside!!!

I realized the only way to keep this house not looking like a tornado is to force them to help. So we compiled the chore chart below. Now this is just for normal everyday clean up that needs to be done and not any large cleaning hauls. We take care of that in our own time.

Below is the chore chart that we use.

Each person has a different chore to do each day with day off a week.

We have Mommy & Daddy chores listed too, for the reason that, my children are very known to pull the old "How come you aren't doing anything and I am doing it all".   Oh really kid???
I found that this way, each daily chore got done pretty much each day.

Also, for each daily chore the girls do WITHOUT any complaint and WITHOUT me having to tell them to do it 5 times, they get a tally mark. A money amount is applied to each tally mark. Then when the chart fills up, we take their tally marks and cash them in, and go on a mini shopping, at a location of their choice.
This way, not only am I getting them to help me clean up THEIR mess, but I am coning them into not complaining about it. He He  But really, they are able to see who has more tally marks, and it sometimes helps them try to do better.

Teachers get them to work off of charts and lists at school, and it seems to work at home too.