Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fireworks must haves

4th of July is right around the corner. And that means going to Fireworks!!!

Now if you have children, its not as easy as it used to be, when you could just find a place to park last minute, meet your friends, throw a blanket down and be done.

There are kids involved now. Which means there will be complaining on hunger, thirst, potty breaks, and tiredness.

So here are a few tips I like to keep in mind, for those 4th of July fireworks. 
(Note: Yes there are fireworks other times of the year, but come on...are they as crowded and stressful? NO)

1 - Go early to park close & convenient.
The kids will be whining and cranky by the time they are over, so you want to ensure you can get out of there fast and preferably with ease.

2 - Bring things to do.
Yes,  you are there to see fireworks, why should you have to entertain the kids with more then that? Well if you need to go early, there WILL be a good amount of time sitting and waiting around.  things to do could mean bringing food and drink, glow up sticks/toys, or even other kids. best thing is to park your butt as close to a playground as possible, IF possible.

3 - Speaking of glow sticks....buy your own.
Trust me, if you are frugal, you will want to buy your own. You would rather your child have something that lights up, just like all the other kids, then have to tell them NO b/c you won't pay $10 for a light up stick.

4 - Bug spray.
This is a Summer staple of mine. My kids always get eaten alive. And if they are eaten alive, they tend to be even more miserable.

5 - Blanket/chair
This should go without explanation.

Here is to a Happy & Healthy and & stress-less 4th of July!!