Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm ignoring you!!!!

Sitting at my desk, while trying to sort through a mess of a spreadsheet of 22,000 numbers........

Child: Mommy, can you cut me up an apple?
Me: I can't right now. Just eat it normally.
Child: But i dont want to and there is notttttthhhhhhiiiiiinnnnnggggggg to eat.
Me: Well find something else.
Child: But.....
Me: GOOOOOOOOO away from me right now

This is when said child promptly groans in anger and stomps back into the kitchen yelling 'There is nothing to eat in this stupid house."

Continue on with my sorting and reading emails with even more information I need to sort out, about a completely different issue now.

Child :  Can I have this water ice? (said in a nice sweet tone now)
Me:  Yes
Child: Grumbling from the kitchen..."UGH, when are you ever going to do the dishes so I can have a spoon???"

At this point, I am completely ignoring her attempt to get ME to stop my work and do this all for her. She is not startving, this is her second snack since we got home.  She them continues on to find a spoon, clean it, and she is on her merry way with not another word.

I then stop to think....WHY didn't I do the dishes this morning, as I usually do? Oh that's right...I was on the phone with your sister, trying to get her to stop hysterically crying, afraid I am going to get mad, over an issue that I could care less about anymore. THAT is why the dishes are not done.