Monday, June 9, 2014

Budget friendly Father's Day idea, for the working dad

As moms, we all want to help our kids, show their Daddy's just how much they love them. But sometimes, we don't always have the money to do it up the way we really want. Or, we may have husbands who always seem to be working on Father's Day.

This made me recall a time about 5 years ago, when we were in that situation. My husband worked on weekends and was not around on Father's Day. We also did not have a lot of money. So, i got a little creative.

I took the girls out the day before, while he was at work, and we picked up some plain white t shirts, in the girls sizes. We also grabbed a box a fabric markers. That was it -- about $10- $12 total was spent.

When we got home, I asked the girls what they wanted to tell people about their Daddy, and I wrote those quotes on the t-shirt.

My dad's a cool dude!
My Dad rocks!
My Dad is awesome!
 Etc Etc Etc

Then I just let them draw and color around the phrase. I think we may have even traced their hand prints onto the shirts.

On Father's Day, we made a packed lunch for daddy. We put it inside a paper bag that we colored with more notes like 'I love you Dad!". 
I got the girls all dressed in their t-shirts, and did their hair up really cute.
We then went to Daddy's work, un-announced, and brought him lunch while sporting our t-shirts.

Not only was he surprised that we popped in, but he got to show off his adorable daughters, and they got to show off how much they love Daddy!