Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daily Life - 5/6/14 - Triple D's

Hey all!

Well today has been a busy one!! We had Doctors, Dentist, and Dance today.  Brian and I have been tag teaming all day.
First he took Madison to school as usual. Then I dropped the twins off at school, as usual. Quick fix of the hair and make-up and we were out the door again. Quick stop for breakfast, then off to a meet & greet type doctors appointment. Seemed to take us forever to get home due to all the construction going on....wow! Guess I didn't realize it since ..ya know...I never leave this town. UGH

I had a half day of work scheduled today, so since we got home much earlier then expected, I logged in and knocked out a few things for about an hour. Then I was back off again, to my dentsit appointment. My crown came off and I've been missing my tooth. But ya know me.......ANY trip to the dentist, even if something small, ends up being at least $400 - yep, need a NEW crown. And of course that couldn't even go easy, the new build up came out when they took the mold off my tooth. UGH  So, 2 hrs later I made it back home. Tagged Brian and he was off to pick up the twins from school, while I logged back in for another fun filled 3 hours of telecom!!!

Got done work and ran out the door with Madison for dance. But the reason we "ran" was because brian took the twins fishing so me & Madison decided to have a nice dinner out, with just the 2 of us. That girl loves to talk. And she even repeated a few things. But it was nice be able just let her finish her sentences and be able to talk with her...an actual uninterrupted conversation.
Dropped her off and hit Target for a few odds and ends I needed....and a few I just wanted because I had a coupon and I could.
The ride was home pretty quiet, as she was winding down. She didn't even spazz when I told her I wanted to stop at CVS to drop off scripts. But that didn't last long. As I started to browse, she started to whine....but it was OK.
Got home, and for some reason I decided I needed to bake cookies, while I made lunches. WHAT???!!!!!

As I said, it was a busy busy day. Time to bring it down and try to get some good sleep. Nite Nite!!