Friday, April 25, 2014

Daily Life - 4/25/14 - Air conditioners and dentist

Woo Hoo Friday!!!! Although the kids only had 2 days of school this week, I feel like its been a looonnnngggg week and Ican't wait to sleep in this weekend!!!!!

So, Brian took the old living room air conditioner until out today, so we can put our newer one in. its been taking him all morning. It was so rusted in the frame, that is bolted to the Who Knows How Old window, and the old owner, bolted another piece of window over it, to prevent air coming in or something....I don't know. But when he pulled that thing out it was nasty!!! No wonder my allergies are sooo bad in summer, bleh.

The twins also has dental check ups today. poor kids have bad teeth like mommy. But at least the bad front ones, are now starting to fall out, just as they should be about this age. But I hate hearing and seeing all they need to get done :(

After dinner, we decided to take a trip to Sonic for dessert. While there, we stopped in at Marburn Curtains to see what we could find. We found the new curtains below, to go on the back porch door. They sooo fit in with the coffee house theme we are going for. I can't wait til its alll done. Just have to do the new trim on the basement door and paint the door.