Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Changing out seasonal clothes

Hey all!

So I was just doing some laundry, and I started putting some clothes aside that no longer fit the twins, and thought maybe some of you might be interested to know how I swap out season clothes.
This is not going to be from a well very organized view point or something that only takes me an hour or two, one day on the weekend. NO. This process takes me a few weeks. And the reason i thought I would share it is because, although it happens over a few weeks, I find it soooo much less stressful to do it this way.  This is for us lazy people. Hee Hee

I will warn you that you will need A LOT of hangers.  Most dollar stores sell these, so I like to pick up a pack here and there, so I always have a decent stock.

 (this is also just for the kids clothes - mommy & daddy clothes are much easier a process)

*About March, I pull out the bins and go through them quickly. I pull out everything that needs to be donated and throw it in a bag. Then I take all short sleeve clothes, and hang them in a closet along with any newer clothes we have bought for this year (but not in the kids closet b/c they will insist on wearing things when the weather is not appropriate). This way, there are already clothes out and easy access in the case weather changes to really warm over night. Also, then when you are ready to put them in the kids closets, they are already ready.

*At this time of the year, I try to just do ALL laundry. Ya know, that basket or 2 that is lying around that you shoved clothes in at one point, and just never went back to. Or a pile of stuff you shoved somewhere once to get it out of the way. ;) Yes, its time to pull that ALL out and get it done.

*While I am folding/hanging clothes, (as they come out of the dryer,not from a basket later on), I throw anything that is too small into a donate bag that I keep by the washer. And anything that has holes or is stained real bad, goes right into the trash. I put everything else that fits right now, on a hanger, whether it be long or short sleeves.   This will all go into the closet. By doing this, when you really no longer need long sleeves, its much easier to just pull everything off hangers and put into the off season bin.

*Pick a small time frame to go through the heavier clothes -- like sweatshirts, sweat pants, and winter PJs. We typically keep this all in drawers, so I can go through it pretty quickly and throw it into a bin. Same thing here, if anything is too small, throw it in a donate bag.  NOW, I have room to put the regular t-shirts in the drawers, folded.  Which in turn will free up more hangers, if needed.

After doing this over the matter of a few weeks or month, usually by mid-June I have everything swapped out completely, and can go on with my life..... until September hits.