Thursday, February 25, 2016

Easter Gooddies at the Dollar Tree

Hey all!

I hit the Dollar Tree last weekend, for the first time since Valentines' Day was over. I thought I'd check it out to see what type of goodies they have for those Easter Baskets. I was pretty impressed.

Quit a few brand name items. Some that I even saw at "another" lower priced store, and here they are only $1.00. 

Just to touch base on a few items for you, below are some of the Easter candy that caught my eye.

 Peeps in fun flavors

Tootsie Roll money banks, in Easter themes

Bunny lips lollipop (like Ring pops for Easter)

Easter Life Savers

 Cute little Easter tin ornaments with various candies inside

And don't forget dessert at your Easter gathering.

Lastly, they had a few really cute decorations for your kitchen. I am not one to decorate my kitchen too much, but will definitely be purchasing these for the holiday festivities.

Tip:  You can also put these magnets on your stove

Hope this look into the current Dollar Tree holiday goodies, helps give you some fun ideas. Now get hoppin on over there!!!