Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Best Trip of My Life - New England

Hey all!

Although I have children, the best trip of my life was before we had children. Before we got married. It was an "on the whim' trip.

My husbands family offered us to come visit their cabin in Maine, on a lake. It was very last minute, I really wanted to say NO because I didn't have time to think about it, but I am glad I went along for the ride. It ended up being a week long trip of sight seeing, adventure hikes, and meeting most of his family for the first time.

Before I met my husband, I have not really seen much of the east coast, outside of FL and NJ. And he loved that he could be the one to show me all the things I had never seen before. So this was his chance to show me HIS neck of the woods - New England.

First we drove from Southern NJ to the cabin in St. Albans, ME. It was a long drive and a little eerie. the further into ME we went, the less civilization we saw.  I don't have many pictured there because we only stayed for a week. I will admit, I had a bit of a priss attack with the fact there was no running water and we had to use an outhouse that was about 25 feet from the cabin, in the dark. So we only stayed one night, but it was adventure.

After we left the cabin, (and found a restroom I could use) we continued our venture through Maine.  Very calming. ( I apologize for the quality of the, it was about 15 yrs ago & they didn't scan very well) 

We did end up stopping along the way Bar Harbor, ME. Again, did a little sight seeing and some shopping at the little town.
While in Maine, we also check out some cool ocean scenes and lighthouses.

We made our way to the White Mountain area in NH. We visited Flume Gorge and did some scenic hiking through there. There were lots of rocks and streams. We even got to see the now iconic and non-existent Man in the Mountain.

 Finally we entered into Rochester, New Hampshire, where Brian's family lived. He hadn't spoken to them in a while. So we did stop in for a visit, so I could meet the parents and all. That led to us going to this persons house and that persons house.
So after a day of visiting the soon to be in-laws, we drive to Lake Winnipesaukee NH. We got a cute little cottage on the lake of Wiers Beach.

 View from the porch of our cottage, over the lake.

 It was so peaceful. The room was a bit small but just sitting on the porch, people watching...

Our venture back home and making more pit stops in Mystic Seaport, Conn...

...and Providence, RI. The city was so clean and not overly crowded. I wouldn't mind going back there someday.

 Although we did tons of sight seeing, and family meeting, all squeezed into one trip, it was so nice because we were both just going with the flow. We had no agenda and no pre-made plans. We were just there to enjoy each other and life. And that is what we did.

I failed to mention, this trip was not long after we reconciled after a 6 month split. We did a lot of realizations on this trip about our relationship and decided we weren't going to mess it up again. Once we got home, we even began ACTUALLY planning our wedding.
Also, this trip is where we named our first daughter Madison. We were talking about names of our first child and throwing names around. We were thinking of name by the signs we saw along the way. We liked Madison, and we from there began to see signs of it everywhere. And that was that. 

Now when I think of my perfect vacation, and what I would want to do if we could afford one, my thoughts go right back to this time.