Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New business aka 2nd job - SIGH

Hey all!

I apologize, as I have been missing lately. But its for a good reason. As you most likely know, I have recently started up an Etsy shop. Which has now become a 2nd job for me. My time seems to be...all over the place.

I still have my full time job; I couldn't survive without it. However, now that Dance and school is over, I am finding I have more time & money to do crafting, for the Etsy shop.  At first I was just doing some items for wedding gifts, or just for the heck of it, to practice and have something to post. However, along with that, I have been researching on how Etsy works, and how to network, and what products are out there that people are buying.

I created a Facebook page for the Etsy shop as well, and have been joining some local crafter's groups there. That has now brought some opportunities to me, that I can't take right now, but are pushing me to do MORE.  I have been approached a few times, asking to join local craft fairs, but......I need to have product built up to sell on the spot. And I don't yet. All of my items were custom made. And it seems I am not getting the custom made requests.

So I am branching out and doing some more generalized, ready to sell NOW items. And its a time killer, but I am having fun doing it! I know its only July, but I am going to start working on some stuff for Fall and Halloween right now. Then once the girls are back in school, I am thinking of starting on items for the holidays. Fingers crossed, that holiday onlie shoppers see me and like my work.

I hope you all decide to come visit the shop and share our work, as we are about to add a lot of items to it. Again, this is to help us sign our girls up for dance and keep them in the classes they love so much! Thank you!