Monday, July 13, 2015

5 ways to keep kids entertained in the summer

Hey all!

Summertime is here here, and if you have kids, you probably hear "I'm bored" all the time. Especially if you are not in a financial spot to enroll your kids in day camps, and you find you are home a lot.

Well, I have come up with a list of things to do, that are low costs or no costs. Some are regular day to day things you might already do, but if you learn how to space it out, these might help you through the summer.

 Find a new far away playground. Yes, we probably take our kids to playgrounds all the time. But what if we ventured out a bit more. Do some research and see if you can find a bigger better playground, not so close to home, and make it an adventure. First, if you travel further, it will take up more of the day. Next, its more exciting for the kids to check out this NEW place. Last, since it is new, you will get in MORE playtime there, then just going to the same local parks you are used to.

Along the lines of a playground, find one with lots of other land. Take a hike/walk around the area and explore.  A park near the woods, can always turn into an adventure as well. You can usually look up your state parks online to find these.

While looking up state parks, see if you can find a local swimming lake. I have found that some can be a little pricey, but if you find a state run park, you might be able to find a lake to swim at for less then $10 a day. Pack a lunch and some beach gear, and head the waters of a lake.

Bowling alleys have summer deals you can sign up for. In our area, we can get free games for the kids. All you have to pay for is shoe rental.

Check out your local craft stores to see if they have free craft classes. For instance, our local store AC Moore has weekly crafts for 2 hrs, one day a week, where they provide the tools and you can do a "make & take' craft.

Check your local library for free things as well. Our schools send home lists of free events that our library has each week, for kids to attend. Just last week, my kids saw a magic show and they loved it.

These are just a few ideas I thought of.  Most of you may know these tricks already, but some of you all might new to the summertime boredom years of childhood.

Hope this helps and inspires you to try to find fun low cost things to keep your children occupied on those long summer days!