Friday, March 13, 2015

Check Check Checkin' In

Hey all!

Its been a while and I know I haven't blogged about much on the day to day life we are experiencing here. That's because there isn't much to report.

This winter was pretty un-eventful. Although our little area was spared from the major snow storms, it was still pretty frigid and cold and just BLAH. We did get hit just last week, with about 10 inches of snow, and then the temps soared to 40-60 degree days, so its all gone now. Just how I like it!!
(Snow = not a fan)

The girls are still doing to their dance an acro classes and loving every moment. I can't wait to see Madison's full dance, on stage!! And Isabel is actually getting a costume this year - yay! She is still just having a cute little "routine" at the school, and not at the yearly recital. Acro is new to their class line-up, so I think they are still trying to really figure out how to work it all.

I did have to have to talk with the girls, about possible not being able to do dance next year.  I felt sooo bad kinda makes me wanna cry. But we need to be upfront and honest with them. There could be a very good chance we won't be able to afford it next year.

Although, Brian's child support has finally stopped - YAY - we are not rollin in the money at all. We are not benefiting from it at all, as we hoped we would be. Ya know, life happened. Our household has actually taken some money cuts from paycheck, on both sides.  First off, we bought the car last year, with the intent of having the extra child support money to pay that bill. Then in December Brian had to demote himself from manager and go to part time work. This also caused him to take a pay cut. 
Along with that, I put him on my medical insurance, which caused me to have a pay cut as well, due to us going to a full family plan.
So yeah, we have 2 pay cuts, and an extra decently sized bill.  We are making it work somehow, but...I feel very unsettled with it all. I fear that its only going to get worse. Brian's MS flares up with heat...summer time is coming, and I fear he is going to get worse, again, and won't be able to work at all. He has definitely progressed more since last summer, so...I'm expecting the worse. I know i shouldn't but...I am real with myself. Expect the worse and you won't be caught off guard,  right?

However, instead of freaking about it all, I am trying to do what I can. I have started an Etsy shop with some art work I have done, and I am continuing to do more. Please feel free to check it out and share with your social media friends and family as well. 
Etsy shop for 3LadybugCrafts

As for what is to come in the blog.....

Seasons are changing and happening again, so there will be more 'decorating on the cheap' blogs. I will be posting all of the new art projects I do for my Etsy shop as well.   In a couple of weeks, Nickelodeon will be having their Kids Choice Awards show, and we plan on having a little KCAs party for the kids, which I will blog all about.
I also have been  hitting Dollar Tree a lot more, and making it a major part of my weekly necessity stops, so I will be posting more hauls from there, as well.  And of course,spring is coming, so there will be more outdoor adventures as well!

I hope you all decide to stay with us and follow along in our journey I call life! See you soon!