Monday, December 1, 2014

Dollar Tree haul - Christmas Edition

So we all know that I love the Dollar Tree, so of course I went there last week and spent about twice as much as I wanted, but ya know...its for Christmas!!!  And I DID get some shopping done. So let's just get right into it!

Refrigerator magnet (the packing makes the size look a lot bigger. It not that big at all, but still cute & plenty of room for a body to be put under the head)
 Martinelli's sparkling cider - my kids LOVE these during the holidays, and they had small bottles for $1 each. I couldn't pass them up.

Cards for my parents. If you read my blog about giving stockings as gifts to adults, you will see that I gave stockings filled with goodies last year to my family. My parents wanted me to do it for them again this year, and this is one of the items.
One is Christmas trivia (my mom likes to do trivia with the kids all the time) and the other is rummy for my dad.

 This was just candy for us at home, and a few candy items for the parents stockings.

My new things is to get a new sugar container each holiday. I like this one because it has a flip top, where as the one I got for Halloween, did not. And this is a little bigger.

A few more items for my moms stocking - notbooks, stylus, nail decals for her to play with.

Some more items that are not pictured, because there are always children around me....

*more nail stickers
*make up brush sets
*ring pops that are not rings, but they are Rudolph's nose - how cute!
*6 rolls of ribbon and a few packages of cute pre-made bows, for an upcoming blog post, on a decorating project. Look for that this weekend!