Monday, November 3, 2014

Dollar Tree haul

 Hey all! I did a small little haul at Dollar Tree yesterday for a few items I needed.
Having s 2 story house, I try to keep certain cleaning items upstairs, so I have no excuse to not clean something.  I used to be that person who would forget to grab such and such from the kitchen. So now, I have a shelf in my hallway, with decorative bins, that hold bathroom extras and upstairs cleaning things.
But my point of this post, is to show you that you don't necessarily HAVE to buy certain items for more money.

First, was a little splurge. I like to keep the small jar candles on my desk while I am working sometimes. And I LOVE peppermint for the holiday season, so I grabbed this. I typically feel that Dollar Store candles don't smell as strong, but for $1, I thought I'd try it out. If I don't like it, I will go back to the $1 small jar candles from Walmart.

The kids ran out their oral hygiene products, so I picked some up for them.  Yes, that is Hello Kitty mouthwash and a brand name toothpaste for $1 each. We grabbed the cinnamon one as well.  I am one of those crazy moms, who doesn't like her children to use products that are too too harsh, as I don't want adult strength stuff to ruin their teeth faster. they are now at the age where they are really taking care of their teeth better (in hopes of avoiding the dentist - they get it now) 
The Dollar Tree also has kids floss picks that we get for them also. The love them and use them all the time.

Next some shaving products. I have bought the Pure Silk shaving cream before, and its typically about $3, when not on sale. So to see it for $1, I had to grab it. And the same with the razors. We have some now, but 5 for $1, need them.  And again, there is NOTHING wrong with these long as you know how to shave your legs. 

I typically love to use cleaning wipes for dusting purposes. My desk, electronics, window sills, etc. And again, i don't need big expensive ones, as these do the job just fine. I like to keep one for dusting and one for wiping things down real quickly in the bathroom, in between major cleanings. So I got 2 of those - one for each floor.  Sponges for the bathroom cleaning. That roll in the middle are trash bags. I used to be bad with emptying the upstairs trashcans, because I would always forget to bring up a bag.  However, these are just a roll of trash bags. Yes, they are thin, but we typically only have paper type trash upstairs anyhow. And since I always have them up there, the trash gets taken care of more often.

There you have it. I bought things that would normally cost about $30, for only $10.

Some other items that we typically grab while we are there is floss (its just string), glass cleaner (works just as well), cotton balls, cleaning rags, etc. 

I challenge you all to really browse a Dollar Tree sometime, to see what they have, that you CAN use. I know a lot of people go in there for just certain items, but I have REALLY been checking it out lately, and realized....a lot of things I used to go without because of money, I can get there.
Don't be ashamed to save money!!!