Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Halloween Series #3 - Lighting

Hey all! Time to update you all on some more of our Halloween party planning!!! I have been slowly picking up things here an there.
The biggest things is I am in the middle of collecting black light and orange light bulbs, every time I see some & have a few extra bucks to spare.  Now we have 2 different kinds so far and we tried them out last night. There is a BIG difference, so I thought I would explain, so you can be aware when you go to the stores.

So, we have these ceiling fan fixtures that have 4 bulbs each. We have one in the LR and DR that are pretty much connected. So our plan is to fill all 8 of those spots with black lights bulbs only, to give a cool spooky effect.
So far I have picked up 2 from party City for $2.99 and I grabbed one from Walmart for $1.47. The one from party City is 40 watts, and the one from Walmart was 75 watts.
The Walmart one was very dim for 75 watts. I am thinking the glass was very very painted- not sure. It did not make anything look all funky like Black Lights do. Looked cool, but not enough light - we couldn't really see each other and we were all standing right under it.
The Party City one was much brighter. And this is the 40 watt. If you put 4 of those in a room, I think it will look pretty darn coo and there will be plenty of light for people to see each other and walk around.
My verdict get what you pay for. But that may not be a bad thing....all depends on what you want the light to do. The dimmer Walmart bulbs might be perfect for what your plans are for it.
We do have plans for a "black light room" as well, but I think are going to invest a little more into a florescent black light for that purpose.

We also bought an orange bulb, which we will need for our front porch decor. Another Party City find and it was the perfect light that we were looking for.

Another note....although they obviously didn't have everything out yet, the decor at Walmart for this year is looking pretty cool. I found a lot of great things that I want to get for out party. So if you are planning a Halloween party also, I suggest you don't forget about Walmart...but go soon before its all gone!