Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Deviled Eggs

When I was growing up, it was always my moms thing to make deviled eggs, for any gathering we were having. As I grew up, she started making me half make them with her. So I learned the recipe.
As an adult, I decided to make them myself once, instead of my mom. And people actually liked them. So now of course, at almost every gathering, its assumed that I will make the deviled eggs.

So now i am sharing the recipe with you all. If you can call it a recipe. I will admit, those don't taste exactly the same every time, because I use the dump and taste method. I use all of the ingredients below, to taste.

*yellow mustard
*onion powder
*white vinegar and/or pickle juice

I add a little of all the ingredient and mix. From there I then add a little more of whatever I feel more is needed of. This is where to "to taste" part comes in. Depends on how YOU like it.

Tip: add the vinegar last and a little at a time. Once you add too much vinegar, there is no going back from that point. (trust me, I've done it)

I typically tap a little paprika on top to make it look fancy. And if I am up for it, I will use a piping bag to put the filling in the eggs. Once you get the bag tipped and filled, its pretty easy.

Hope this helps inspire you to try different flavors in your same old recipes.