Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kid friendly 4th of July home decor

I know this post is short notice, but these few little crafts can be done pretty cheap and quickly, for those of you who might be last minute people.

Our family did a few of these crafts, to just spruce up a little for the 4th of July. To get our house into the spirit.

1 - Patriotic paper chain - this one is easy enough that we have all done it at least once. However, instead of using thin construction paper, we used scrapbook paper. Total cost was about $4.50.

2 - Star door hanger --another easy one, but its also a fave of mine. I don't know why I love seeing it on the door when I walk up to my house.
Get 3 wooden stars in the size you choose from a craft store. I wanted all different sizes but that wasn't an option, so we got 3 medium size ones. They were like $1 a piece.  We grabbed some patriotic ribbon that was on sale for $1.00. Last, the paint. It was on sale 3/$1.00. So this door hanger pretty much costs me about $5.00 to make.
I had my husband drill holes in the wood. He had to do this very carefully because of the thinness of the wood, so beware.
Then we painted each star a different color, attached them all by the ribbon and done.

I am sorry for this being a last minute blog post, right before the holiday. However, if you still haven't done anything decoration wise, and get a rainy day this week, here are a few crafts to do with the kiddos. Have a great holiday!!