Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dollar Tree haul

Hey all! So I headed out to Dollar Tree today for a few items that I have been wanting to get. One of which being some 4th of July decor. That was a bust......they didn't have anything but banners left.  So that was a disappointment. 
But I did find a bunch of other things that I went in for.
Now I know a dollar store haul is not all that exciting, but it might be interesting to some people to see what you can get at dollar stores these days for really cheap. So here we go...

I did go in there specific to find a bin or something to put in the kitchen to hold our bags of snacks. The packages we get from Naturebox are a strange shape and then we get half eaten bigger bags of chips that are clipped. I wanted to have place to put those, that is not all over the place.

I heard that there were going to be snow crab legs around at our 4th of July BBQ. Then I saw a Dollar Tree haul on YouTube and the woman found these crackers. I had to have them.
I have a lot of those plastic to go cups but i always seem to lose the straws. And I have been in the habit lately of using straws all the time. But I don't like the throw out kind because my kids go through them like crazy. I saw these and again....had to have them. Typically lately you can only find the big fat ones for the plastic mason jar mugs. 
Below are just a few essential for around the house - cleaning wipes, trash bags for the bathroom, floss and floss pics, and tissues (yes those are FROZEN tissues, OMG!!!)
And last, I picked up a scrubber for a friend. I have the ladybug one and she really needed the piggy. Its so cute!!