Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Funnies - 5/9/14

Me: After I am done eating, Ava & Isabel I am going to get you in the bath. By the way, where is Isabel? Is she still upstairs?"
Ava (in total monotone like its normal): "OH, I'm sitting on her. She told me to."
----- --------- ------- -------
Driving past the school, after a morning appointment. Scanning the crowd to see if either of my girls are out there. Set eyes upon Isabel...doing a little butt wiggle dance with her friends.
------ ------- ------- --------

Sorry, that's about it. The girls did not make me LOL too much this week. I mean, they always make me smile and laugh but.....ya know.
However, I need all y'all help!!!   I am trying to gather some questions, to do funny interviews for the girls, and record it, to try to get the vlog going. And I am not having any luck finding good ones. So i ask all of you to please let me know of any questions, that I could ask the girls, where the answers just might make us all crack up laughing,  or just questions that are so over their heads, that watching to see what answer they make up can be hysterical. So please, comment on the blog and give me some ideas. Thanks!!

PS - My page is only about 20 or so views away from hitting 1000 total views, after only 23 blog posts. I know this might not be a lot but its still pretty cool for ME.  Thanks for everyone who has given the me gusto (weird word) to keep posting. Like I said, I know its random, but that's my life!!
Also, feel free to Share the posts on your pages too.